Our Values

The motivation of our actions has its roots in the Christian worldview, which we understand as a worldview of being other-centered and serving others.
Our core values are: respect in relationships, efficiency in our work, integrity in communication, transparency in finances.

The mission of IN-HOPE is to transform communities by improving the living conditions holistically for poor families. Our name is our command: we want to spread hope and inspire the whole stakeholder community, from our donors to the teams and the beneficiaries in the field to be a people in-hope!

Our concern is impact. By that we mean that our involvement improves our communities sustainably and long-term. This also means maximizing your donations! Everything we do is on volunteer basis and as a result 100% of your gift flows directly into our adopted communities.


IN-HOPE Philippines is a charitable Swiss association, founded in January 2021, which grew out of a merger between the two associations “International Needs Switzerland” and “HTO Zamboanga”.

Learn more about International Needs and HTO Zamboanga: