Focus on the Philippines

IN-HOPE is a team of changemakers who are passionate about providing hope and a future for the poorest of the poor. With our partners on the ground and with your support we help improve living conditions for village communities by providing education for children, training for parents and livelihood support for the whole community.

Help improve living conditions for the poorest of the poor – in Antipolo and Mascap (Philippines)



We collaborate with local partners whose vision is to selflessly support their own people towards sustainable progress.


We support holistic community programs that equip children and their families with education, healthy food, medical care, values formation and life skills training.


We aim to achieve, through our involvement, freedom from poverty, sickness and injustice for our adopted children and families.


We focus on long-term development, with the hope that one day our help will not be needed anymore.

IN-HOPE response:
Empower the community

Our partners on the ground elaborate programs that focus on the needs of the whole community:

  • Education for the children
  • Training for the parents to help them improve the living conditions of the whole family
  • Development of income generating activities, with the competence and talents already available in the group

Do you want to be a changemaker?

Activate all the hope you have and join a growing community of people in-hope.

Because hope is contagious!

We are just at the beginning…


Since August 2021 we are supporting two vulnerable communities in the Philippines.


We are committed to accompany 40 children and 40 families on a journey of transformation. Throughout 2022 we want to integrate 30 more families into the program.


The annual budget for 2022 is about 22’500 USD. Additional funds are needed for our livelihood initiatives in both communities.

Help us to get started…

by making a gift to empower vulnerable communities.

When donating to IN-HOPE we assure you that 100% of your gift flows directly into the programs in the Philippines. The little overhead we generate in Switzerland is covered by the local board.

Our charitable association is tax-exempt and your gift is tax-deductible in Switzerland.


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