Empower the community

Since August 2021 IN-HOPE has adopted two vulnerable communities a few hours’ drive from Manila. Myra and Carlota are the field workers and they both live in the community. They visit the children and the parents in Mascap and Antipolo on a regular basis. For 2022 we are planning livelihood initiatives and to integrate more needy families into our program.

Discover the communities that we accompany on the journey towards transformation.

Scroll down to find the Executive Summary of the project description in PDF format.

Carlota visits families and animates parent’s support groups.
She is also helping children with their homework and encourages the parents.
Our field worker Myra lives in the community and understands the realities on the ground.
Children in Mascap
Myra and the group of IN-HOPE children in the village community.
Houses are made out of bamboo.
During the pandemic, children have to study at home connected with a mobile phone.
Mothers are meeting to discuss livelyhood issues.
Distribution of food during the pandemic.
One of the families in the IN-HOPE program
Distribution of porridge for everyone!
Children receive stationaries once a year.
Rosalie connects with the locals.
Our adopted families cannot afford eggs.

You can download a description of our program in PDF.